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    Tradititional Management Approach vs. Last Planner Ststem

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    Please explain to me the following questions about the traditional management approach and the last planner system in construction industry:

    1. Explain the traditional management approaches that can be used to deal with time, quality and cost in construction industry and explain to what extend they can be solved or mitigated.

    2. How could the last planner system assist decision makers in solving the above problems and improve the traditional management approaches in construction industry?


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    1. Traditional management focuses more on relation between manager and staff. For managers to manage, staff must cooperate. It is like a predefined scenario where everyone knows what has to be done and how it has to be done. There is very little tolerance for variation or deviation and for individual creativity. The construction sector is usually conservative, risk averse and takes time to adopt new technologies and ideas. There are five steps in traditional management which have to be completed for successful completion of project. These are initiation, planning and design, execution, monitoring & controlling and completion.

    In traditional management approach exert control in the construction industry in planning and execution. Projects in construction industry generally pass through stages like pre-planning, conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction drawings, and construction administration. By gathering traditional knowledge management can get familiar with capabilities and expectations of local staff. After this is done, they could be fitted in the process according to their core skills. Traditional authority is another approach through which site managers of construction site can make sure that the work gets ...

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    The traditional management approach versus the last planner system is determined for the construction industry.