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Managing a Small Business

Celina is a resident of Chicago and an online college student. She holds dual citizenships in both the United States and Ghana. Three years ago, before returning to the United States to work and complete her college education, Celina opened a small boutique in her native city of Accra, the nation's capital. She saw a real need in this bustling city of 2 million for a small shop specializing in ladies clothing and accessories that catered to a growing middle class. She has entrusted the day-to-day operations of this to her close family members in her absence, maintaining daily contact via Skype and the Internet. Recently, Celina attended a large merchandise convention in Chicago and was surprised to learn that many Americans desire African-made and designed clothing and accessories. Now she is wondering how she might able to address both of the "demands" she has identified in a business venture. Celina knows several local dress designers and seamstresses in her native Ghana and believes she could position herself in this global trading.

After reading your text reading in Chapter 18, your assignment for this activity is to respond to the following questions:

1. What are some ways Celina could "compete" with other sellers in both the United States and Ghana?
2. What are some ways in which Celina might cooperate or collaborate with other businesses in both the United States and Ghana to satisfy these demands?

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One way in which Celina can compete with other sellers in both the United States and Ghana, is to first ascertain where she can obtain the stock for her boutique in her native Accra at the lowest prices possible. After ascertaining this information, she should seek to have approximately 30% of her clothing accessories ...