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    Leading Small Team Process vs. Managing Large Scale Change

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    How is leading small group team processes different from managing large-scale change? What are the primary leadership skills needed to be effective in each case. Provide example from your own or your organization's experience to support your explanation.

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    Leading a small group team processes is different from managing large scale change for several reasons. First and foremost, with small group team processes, there is more flexibility. As a manager you are more likely to know each of your team member's strengths and weaknesses. You can communicate with each person directly and encourage feedback to assess and address challenges. At work, my immediate team works well together through different issues because we have an understanding of each other's responsibilities, and encourage each other to provide support for the team. A manager must delegate responsibility and check back to ensure the process has been completed. He has the benefit of working individually with each member of the ...

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    This solution discusses how leading small group team processes are different than managing large sale change. It outlines the primary leadership skills needed to be effective, provides examples and APA formatted references.