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    Crisis VS Risk Communication

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    Define the terms crisis and risk. Explain how risk communications differ from crisis communications?

    Need a personal opinion of about 250 words, if any references are used please use apa style format.

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    Crisis refers to an event or particular period of time in which a critical factor has the potential to either negatively or positively affect an outcome. Risk is an exposure to danger or situation with the potential to cause a negative outcome (Business Dictionary, 2016). Either situation requires careful consideration of the facts, in any business situation, to develop an effective plan of action that either mitigates or reduces negative outcomes.
    Crisis management is an action or plan in response to a particular threat, which aims to get a situation under control and mitigate negative effects of an event. A large-scale event leading many companies to employ crisis ...

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    The two forms of communication are compared, in terms of when and how they are used in business situations.