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    How can an organization excel in its supporting activities?

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    Please help me to explain how an organization can achieve the following supporting activities:
    - Leads organization change effectively
    - Excels at fostering team based problem solving across departmental units
    - Excels at managing its human resources
    - Excels at managing its financial resources
    - Excels at managing its information technology
    - Is highly effective at building partnerships with important representatives from other agencies to accomplish its goals
    - The dealership of the organization is excellent
    - Meets its organizational goals and customer expectations
    - The quality of customer service provided by the organization is excellent
    - The effectiveness of this organization is excellent.

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    These are key fundamentals to not only effective management, but at excelling in management. A manager's ability to excel in these categories is highly beneficial to the company this manager is working for. It will lead to increased profitability, reduced quality lapses, and less exposure due to lack of risk mitigation methods. I've attached an outline of steps for each of these categories that can assist a manager in excelling at his or her profession:

    I. Leads Organization Change Effectively
    a. Communicate the Change
    b. Obtain buy-in for the change from key influencers within the organization
    c. Obtain feedback regarding the change
    d. Implement the change
    II. Excel at fostering team based problem solving across departmental units
    a. Make performance objectives the same across the departmental units
    i. All or nothing approach may eliminate finger pointing when it ...

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    How organizations can excel in its supporting activities are determined in the solution.