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Determing Medium for Sending Specific Messages

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Which medium(or media) do you think would be appropriate for each of the following kinds of messages that a subordinate could receive from his or her boss:

a. a raise
b. not receiving a promotion
c. an error in a report prepared by subordinate
d. additional job responsibilities
e. schedule the company holidays for the upcoming year.

Explain your choices.

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Solution Summary

This detailed solution determines the best medium for different messages, including asking for a raise, not getting a promotion, pointing out an error in a report, asking for additional job responsibilities, and releasing a schedule for company holidays.

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For a raise, it would be wise to put the request in writing, outlining the value the employee brings to the company, showing results, and documenting quantifiable reasons that substantiate the reason the employee is deserving of a raise. I would type this up in letter format, make an appointment with my supervisor, and then discuss it in person. I would not simply send an email because I wouldn't want the information to be misconstrued or passed on throughout the company. It is an important enough message that would warrant extra effort in the form of thorough preparation and in ...

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