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    Managing Cross-Functional Teams

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    What do you need to do to manage cross-functional teams? How can a manager maintain order in such a diverse group? Cross-functional teams can be a great way to accomplish corporate goals if they are managed correctly.

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    In order to fully appreciate the task of leading a cross-functional team it is important to understand the unique differences that such a team provides. First, a cross-functional team is made up of individuals that are specialized in different areas. Therefore, cross-functional teams are made up of people who do not speak the same technical language. One member may be proficient in finance, while another may be proficient in customer service. While both are very good ...

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    This solution answers explains in 293 words what one must do to manage a cross-functional team. It contains 1 reference, and gives a detailed explanation of what a cross-functional team is, and how it can be effectively utilized in the workplace.