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    Managing Cross Functional Teams

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    Imagine I was given a task of leading a cross-functional team that included a seasoned veteran (of 20 years) within the company, a new college graduate, and a wage employee. What obstacles would the team encounter? How do you ensure each that each member feels like an equal member of the team? Also, what are the steps that would be needed in building trust and then lead this team?

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    The cross functional team is composed of members from diverse group of people. In our case, the members are a seasoned veteran with 20 years of experience, a college graduate and a waged employee. These members have expertise in their respective areas but have no clue of other's experience or value addition. As a result each has his or her own perspective and issues. For example, the veteran has more of working experience and may try to compare everything with previous ...

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    This response provides suggestions for building trust within a cross-functional team with unique team members. The solution discusses potential obstacles and how to ensure that all members feel like an equal member of the team.