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    Re-engineering an organization into cross-functional teams

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    You are a top manager at Diamond Company, responsible for re-engineering an organization into cross-functional teams that will result in the layoff of over 30% of your employees.
    a. Describe the resistance to change at the organization and individual levels that you will likely encounter;
    b. How will you manage the change process to behave ethically to those employees who will be terminated;
    c. Choose those who will be reassigned to new jobs and face a new organizational culture;
    d. Explain your solutions

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    Reengineering An Organization Into Cross-Functional Teams
    Cross-Functional teams are intended to bring together individuals who specialize in several different areas into one cohesive group (Cross-functional teams, 2013). This can be a great benefit to a corporation if these teams are managed correctly. Most cross-functional teams are made of people who know their specific duties, but are not always familiar with the duties of others that make up the team (Johnson, 2013). This can bring up many unforeseen problems.
    Resistance That May Be Encountered
    Any time there is a lay-off tension can be high on both sides of the situation. From an organizational standpoint, there must be specific guidelines in place to guide those who must lay-off workers. Finding an ethical balance must be top priority, but often ethics can be a subject that differs between individuals who apply them. What seems right to one executive may not seem right to the next. This means that ...

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    This 626 word solution offers two quality references to pull everything together. It is a scenario in which you are a top manager at Diamond Company. It covers information about cross functional teams, and provides solutions to manage change and resistance to change.