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    The Secret of BMW's success

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    1. How does BMW use cross-functional teams?

    2. What role does "speed" play in BMW's structure?

    3. How has the role of electronics in cars influenced the way BMW's organization works?

    4. What appear to be the strengths and weaknesses of BMW's approach?

    5. Does outsourcing play a role at BMW?

    6. How is BMW an ambidextrous organization?

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    1. How does BMW use cross-functional teams?

    BMW uses cross-functional teams to balance creativity and control, it uses cross-functional teams to make important decision, and uses these teams to establish control over the decision making process. BMW uses cross functional teams to innovate, to encourage exchange of ideas and testing of ideas, and BMW uses cross functional teams to improve the exchange of ideas from different parts of the organization. BMW encourages its workers to form cross functional teams and encourages the workers to form teams across divisions. These cross functional teams are mainly used for developing innovations and speeding up the response to changes in the market.

    2. What role does "speed" play in BMW's structure?

    Speed plays an important role in BMW's structure. Speed is required to develop electronics based innovations and integrating them into cars. Speed is achieved through cross-functional teams. Cross-functional teams with networks throughout the BMW organization speeds up the innovation process so that it is launched in the market ...

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