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    Freedom of Speech and Expression on the Job

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    To what extent do employees retain the right of freedom of speech on the job? Off the job? What about the freedom of expression? Are there limits to an employee's rights to freedom of expression on or off the job? Explain and give examples.

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    An employee retains the right of freedom of speech as long as the speech 1) isn't illegal, and 2) doesn't constrict the flow of business or profitability of the company. If the speech is illegal, there is no obtainable right to freedom of speech at the workplace. Speech that is discriminatory or harassing should never be permitted or tolerated. Speech that constricts the flow of business also shouldn't be tolerated. An employee badmouthing their employer, which detracts business, would not be tolerated because it affects the profitability of the business. That's the point where freedom of speech crosses the line. As far as off the job, this became a major issue just within the past few years with the explosive use of facebook and other social media websites. One of the main issues is that when you work for a company, you represent that company. ...

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    In this solution, I discuss an employee's freedom of speech and if employees retain that freedom while on the job. I also discuss freedom of expression and if these types of rights are limited while on the job or while being connected to a company or employer.