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    Data Preparation and Description.

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    I have done a small poll asking coworkers where they want to be in 5 years. What I need is more analysis of the data base on 1 of the 4 content analysis types, syntactical units, referential units, propositional units and thematic units. I am attaching my survey results, but I am not sure I understand the content analysis.

    Data Preparation and Description
    The question, 'What are your career aspirations for the next five years?' has been polled in a small sample of work associates and answers to the above questions were as follows:
    "My long-term goals are toward making a positive impact in the company through my expertise and ethics. I also look forward to grow myself in leadership areas through experience and training offered by a company. I see myself in a management role, leading my team to new innovations and growth. I have a desire to develop my skills as a manager, I'm sure I will eventually get there."
    "I see myself developing my skills through company's training and development programs. I hope the company policies support internal training and reimbursement of work related courses offered by university extensions, etc. I also want to progress towards more learning and promotions through these programs."
    "I would like to start my own business in the next five years. The field which I am working, I want progress in terms of personal and organizational levels. I see myself taking on new and exciting challenges in an enjoyable environment and hopefully this will be with my own organization."
    "In five years, I see myself progressing and learning new skills to the benefit of the company. I find this job position extremely interesting and motivating. I can see many challenges lying ahead of me, which I am eager to experience. And therefore, I am willing to invest my five years time learning all aspects of the job towards professional advancement. I want to be an expert in my field."
    Here the content is called as audience content and the unit for it is "person" as the survey analysis is always based on "individuals". The poll is considered for only 4 persons so the findings as frequencies for the unit of analysis "person" are as follows:
    Comments Frequency
    (no of persons giving comment)
    Progress and growth 4
    Starting own business 1
    Learning new skills 2
    Taking challenges 2
    Ready to opt training 2
    This shows that all the four work associates have given consideration more on progress and growth. One fellow wants to start his own business, two of them want to learn new skills and two of them want to take new challenges. Also, two people are ready to go for internal trainings in the company.

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    In reviewing the attached document, it appears that a questionnaire was distributed and responses were provided in writing as they are extensive. Based on what you have documented you have already utilized thematic content analysis whereby, you have grouped or sorted various aspects of the responses into categories such as Progress and Growth, Learning New Skills, etc.

    I would recommend that you use referential units to further analyze the data collected. Through using referential units, you may draw inferences about participant ...

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