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    Management of a Sales Force- Baby Foods

    Please help me with the following tasks. 1. "Let's face it. Our product is no different from that of 20 other competitors. It sells for the same price and for the same terms. We all give the same service. It really doesn't matter to the buyer which of us gets the order. So the only way we can get an edge is through our aggres

    Researching current conditions in a country

    Potential audience: Your primary reader will be the company CEO, who is somewhat detail-oriented and is very focused on the company's goals. The CEO is somewhat of a stickler about needing reliable and current information for decision making. (Primary audience definition: the primary audience will decide whether to accept your r

    Success Factors of a Start-Up Company: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

    FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES: A SIMPLE RECIPE FOR SUCCESS When his two oldest sons declared they were not going to college, Jerry Murrell supported their decision. To keep the boys close to home and employed, he and his wife, Janie, used the money intended for their tuition to open a hamburger take-out shop in Arlington, Virgi

    Strategies and techniques for preventing and detecting plagiarism

    As the internet has become a focal point for high school and college students, educators have had to become more educated in the detection and prevention of plagiarism. Many websites have posted different ways for educators to create strategies and techniques for this. Discuss some of these strategies and techniques for preventi

    Control Chart and Standard Deviations

    Bill Kime's bowling ball factory makes bowling balls of adult size and weight only. The standard deviation in the weight of a bowling ball produced at the factory is known to be 0.12 pounds. Each day for 24 days, the average weight, in pounds, of nine of the bowling balls produced that day has been assessed as follows: Day

    Pressure to engage in illegitimate political behavior

    You are the sales manager of a specific territory in Missouri for a company that manufactures highly specialized electrical parts. Your boss, the head of sales for Missouri, is being temporarily moved to California for a few months during which time the sales chief of Kansas would be handling his responsibilities. Before leaving

    Analysis for Factory and Dealership Locations

    An automobile company is trying to determine where to locate its factory and dealerships in a country. What factors should the company factor into its analysis as to where to locate the factory and dealerships?

    A letter requesting information from an organization

    I need help in choosing a potential business report topic that I might research about. Identify any type of organization (nonprofit, business, education, government agency, etc.) that can provide information relevant to the potential business report topic. Write a letter requesting specific information for some element of th

    Conductions Sociology Research

    This question relates to "Conductions Sociology Research" Annie sharing her initial research results with her boss, and they discuss some of the challenges associated with compiling, analyzing, and making conclusions about data. Annie's boss emphasizes the importance of not letting personal views or assumptions factor into h

    Attitudes and Bargaining Behaviors

    Do you think the attitudes and bargaining behaviors of the participants in collective bargaining negotiations are more or less important in the final outcome than economic conditions and factors? Why?

    Identifying Theories

    Need some assistance in identifying the key word (s) in creating the correct response. Robert listens closely as the television news story segues into a discussion about how the high cost of attending college often results in significant student loan debt for many students. Sometimes social structures or patterns of social b

    Community and Business

    Hi, I need assistance discussing these questions. I am not too sure where to begin. List what the Community and Business need/want from each other. Discuss if you agree or not with this arrangement. Also, how do public relations departments influence public opinion and should government regulation be involved?

    Advertising managment 2

    Locate a Standard and Poor's Industry Survey. Summarize the Industry including: - Industry trends and statistics - Leaders in this market - How the current economy is impacting this industry

    Implementing a New Performance Management Program

    Assist with writing a memo to the Board describing what actions must be taken before the performance management program can be effectively implemented. Discuss the primary goal of each of these interventions and explain how you will know that these goals have been met.

    Change Models for Employees, Managers and Executives

    Imagine that you are an executive for XYZ, Inc., a high-end retail chain that sells luxury watches, jewelry, and hand bags. You've just been put in charge of the company's first international expansion, opening a store in Shanghai, China. This will be a short-term, small-scale change for the organization. After one year, you wil

    Solving Business Management Scenario Questions

    Hi, I need help understanding the following questions. 1. The definition of "race" specified in the statutory language of Title VII includes the following racial categories: A. American Indian or Alaska Native B. Asian C. Black or African American D. None of the choices is correct. 2. Stephanie is transgendered. Prio

    Organization Setup in Canada

    If you were preparing a business report to help organizations setup operations in Canada, what would you include or tell them? Can you compare and contrast the conventional model of organizational learning with strategies for learning used in Canada? Please provide additional insights from an organizational learning perspe

    Optimal Storage Space

    A tire manufacturer is planning to introduce a new type of tire that is specifically designed to have anti-skid properties. The manufacturer should increase the storage space by building a new high-bay warehousing system. The forecasted demand for the new tire is 10,000 units per year and is expected to be stable for several yea

    Mental Model Mindset 625 word essay with reference

    Are mindsets simply shortcuts? Do we really have time to be open-minded to every situation and analyze all the different angles? I am busy and have things to do! Do not we need some mindsets to get through life? Where do our mindsets come from? Are we born with a mindset or is it learned? Are all mindsets bad? Do we h

    Undercover Boss

    I need help with the following case; it will help if you are a fan of CBS Under Cover Boss: Imagine that you are the president of a large corporation. To improve your leadership skills, you want to make sure that you understand the work environment from your employees' perspective. To do so, you decide to go undercover in you

    Designing Interventions

    Need help with a ppt assignment; 15 slide on designing interventions. 1. What are effective interventions? 2. How to design effective interventions 3. Human process interventions 4. Strategic interventions

    Retaining employees after training

    Read the case and answer the 2 questions, please. Developed Today, Gone Tomorrow A large Midwestern firm maintains an organizational policy of promoting individuals' growth. By offering generous allowances for costs associated with tuition, books, and miscellaneous expenses, employees are supported in their efforts to fur