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Job Design & HR Planning

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1) Would you be more or less attracted to an organization that used online recruiting only? Explain your answer.

2) How do you feel about being limited to "what's in the box" on a standardized application?

3) Are there any methods adapted for online screening?

4) What are the legal implications for using a standardized application?

5) Would you be more or less attracted to an organization that required a video resume? Explain your answer.

(Each answer must be minimum 230 words and cite all work.)

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The expert examines job design and HR planning. How these methods are adapted for online screening are determined.

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I have written example answers to each question here. I put the reference for each under each answer. These are in APA format as the reference type was not specified. Hope this helps!!

1) According to a survey done by Career Gravity between May and June 2012, the use of social media to find new employees is on the rise. Of the 800 recruiting and human resources employers in the United States, "92% use or plan to use social recruiting; 43% or recruiters who use social recruiting saw an increase in candidate quality, 73% have successful hired a candidate through social recruiting, and 31% of recruiters using social recruiting have seen a sustained increase in employee referrals" (DiPietro, 2012). Social recruiting is one type of online recruiting used today to find new employees for a company. I personally am very comfortable with using the Internet to communicate with others. I use multiple emails daily and prefer to text and instant message rather than talk voice-to-voice on the telephone. For these reasons I would be more attracted to a company that used online recruiting only. However, I think there will always be a need for non-online recruiting methods. Not everyone has a computer or feels comfortable giving out information such as their social security number on the internet. There is something to be said for the face-to-face application as this gives a "face" to the name on the application. But my personal opinion here is that I prefer online recruiting compared to traditional.
Reference: DiPietro, J. (2012). Social recruiting companies to grow. Career Gravity. Retrieved from http://www.careergravity.com/social-recruiting-continues-to-grow-infographic/

2) After reviewing several employer website applications as well as various references including a template from SampleWords.com there appears to be several common "boxes" on a standard employment application (2012). These common boxes include: First name, last name and middle name; mailing and temporary address; telephone information and email contact information; information on how you learned about the company; referral information; ...

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