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Resumes and Employment Documents

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After reading the linked, brief article on resume design for Purdue University, please see: and considering materials Building Careers and Writing Resumes, respond to the discussion question concerning resumes and employment documents.

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A resume is a written summary of your previous work experience and educational background. This is the first point of contact a potential employer would have with a job candidate. A resume is a chance to make a good first impression on a potential employer. What the article is bringing to your attention is how to make a professional resume that would look appealing to a potential employer when they first look over your resume. The article breaks down the key points of a resume and where they are located on the resume. Note in the article how it explains how to center the resume to ...

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How you write your resume can help increase the chances a potential employer will take more notice over your resume above another potential candidate. There are certain key points that will draw more attention to your resume and get a potential employer to look at your resume even further.