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Create a short powerpoint presentation to the following scenrio: Must do the business on the website only :(http://www.zipglobal.com)
You work at a job placement agency, and you have been asked to do a presentation for new clients that describes the services your company offers and the categories used to list available jobs. Search the web or make up facts about job placement agency services and job listings. From the AutoContent Wizard window click Next. Click the Sales/Marketing button. Select the presentation "Product/Services Overview" and click Next. On the Presentation Style window click on On-screen Presentation button if not selected and click Next. From the presentations options insert: Enter a presentation title applicable to your business. Try to use as much features as poosible!

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You are required to make a slide presentation about your job recruitment agency, which has a web site, and it collects its resumes only through the websites. This apart your agency uses its expertise to provide the different categories of services, which any job-recruiting agency would provide.
<br>There are some assumptions which the question makes, first that 'all business' is done through a website. True, the resume collection to an extent can be done through the website and the resume are collected in an electronic data bank, however, there are several processes which every company prefers to do in person, for example the interviewing of candidates or meeting potential executives for higher positions. Second, the question assumes that having a website where resumes are posted is enough for a recruitment agency, it never mentions the website where the companies are required to post their requirements.
<br>Given below is a template to help you answer this question.
<br>SLIDE 1 ...

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