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Prior to this class, did you have a resume? If so, what are some of the resume formats that you can use? Which format is your resume? Why did you choose this format?

For your resume, is it 100% truthful? How do you handle gaps in time for employment, if you have any? Is anything exaggerated? Are all your accomplishments covered? Should you be completely truthful on your resume, including every single job you've ever held?

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This solution discusses different resume formats, and reasons for choosing a particular format. It also discusses honesty on resumes, handling time gaps, and listing all past employment. Examples are provided.

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Here you go - hope this helps. Good luck!

I have had a resume for as long as I can remember, gradually updating information and improving its format as I have progressed in life. Resumes can be formatted chronologically or functionally or in a combination/hybrid format. A chronological resume emphasizes professional experience. A traditional functional format shows qualifications that relate to the position, without developing details about work history. A combination/hybrid format incorporates both formats, focusing on a candidate's keys strengths and skills that have been learned through particular work and educational history.

I use a ...

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