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    Cumulative CPI and EAC

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    Note: I am an adult continuous learner. I started to learn EVM at work; however, I am hitting a wall with the EVM problems I am posting. Since I am a visual learner and learn by example, I need the following completed.

    1) Provide and show all answers and step by step work to obtain the answer, not skipping any steps. Show all equations, acronyms (ie ETC, ACWP, etc), and if applicable, a description of how you came to the answer. Thanks.


    Using the Cumulative CPI method to compute the IEAC, which of the following choices indicates that the EAC is most likely understood?

    a) The VAC is times > and the cumulative CV and the CA is 50% complete.
    b) BCWP=50, ACWP=45, BAC=100, EAC=100
    c) BCWP=40, ACWP=50, BAC=100, EAC=110
    d) TCPI is significantly < CPI.

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    Here's the reason why c is the correct answer.

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