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    Performance-based budgeting process

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    1. Describe the three distinct phases of the PPBS process and the specific product each phase produces. What do you think are the primary issues your service will address in its POM (i.e. manpower, new weapons, etc.)? Bring in some support on your service's priorities.

    2. Describe the Authorization Process in Congress. Discuss the relationship between authorization and appropriations and give an example of a recent issue that exemplifies the process.

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    PPBS is Planning, programming and budgeting system. The first phase of the PPBE process is the planning phase. Its main objective is to evaluate the DoD strategy and capabilities required to counter threats to national security. This is a joint effort between the Office of Secretary of Defense and Joint Staff. The product of this phase is the description in the Joint Programming Guidance. The product is sometimes called Guidance for the Development of the Force. The second phase of the PPBE process is the programming phase. During this phase the guidance received in the planning phase is turned into achievable and affordable packages. The programs must be prioritized. These programs are spread over 5 or 6 years and provide a description of level of personnel, forces, and funds required to execute DoD strategy. The product of this phase is the description of the forces and funds required to carry out the DoD strategy. The third phase of the PPBE is ...

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