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Seven-S Framework

Respond to the following statement.

The Seven-S Framework include seven elements including strategy, structure, systems, shared values, style, staff, and skills. The pharmacy I work for started five years ago and even though the economy has had rough times we have grown quickly over the first five years very smoothly. I think the company has stuck to the seven-s which has helped them through the success of growth in just a short time. When the company first started they had a strong strategy and structure of how they were going to start the pharmacy and what systems they needed to make sure they did it. Starting with a small staff that had skills from a similar pharmacy allowed them to be ready for new business without having to spend a lot of time training new employees. The small staff also shared the excitement of starting a new business having the same values and style of how the transition was going to be during the growth period. Having all of these elements from the beginning has allowed the pharmacy to grow from ten employees to now over forty employees and going strong!

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I agree with the above mentioned explanation. The success of Pharmacy can be attributed to the use of Seven-S Framework in the organization. The strong strategy of the organization was complemented by the equally efficient structure and systems in the organization. The ...

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