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    Analyzed major systems (Strategy & Structure/ Systems & Styles)

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    1. In approximately 1-2 pages
    Utilizing from the McKinsey 7S Framework model, for the Company Fed Ex discuss the links among/between Strategy, Structure
    and Shared Values for Fed Ex.

    2, In appoximately 1-2 pages.
    In addition also for Fed Ex, discuss the links between Style, Systems, and Shared Values.
    (Systems and Styles could be strongly linked to strategy and structure. In this case briefly discuss the characteristics between)

    This custom help is not so much for length but more a clear, comprehensive view of Fed Ex's major systems and characteristics links between.

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    // For any organization, it is very important to ensure that its strategy, structure and shared values are aligned properly so as to achieve the overall objectives. In this context, in the following discussion, the linkage among the strategy, structure and shared values of FedEx has been explored.//
    FedEx: Link among Strategy, Structure, and Shared Values

    The McKinsey 7S framework model is based on the premise that all the parts of the organization should work in harmony for the achievement of the overall objectives. The McKinsey 7S framework model provides seven "S" such as strategy, structure, systems, shared Values, skills, and style. As per this model, these seven "S" should work in a sync and be linked to each other to make efforts worthwhile (Witcher & Chau, 2010).

    Strategies mean forming plans in order to set an overall direction for the company with the objective to defeat the competitors. Structures mean the division of roles and responsibilities in an organization. Shared values imply the core values of the organization, which are reflected in the corporate culture and general work ethics. The linkage among the strategies, structures and shares values is obvious as the one is complementary to another.

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    The expert analyzes major systems. The strategy and structure and system and styles are examined. The response addresses the query posted in 821 words with APA references