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    GE's Renovation Capabilities

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    Review the discussion of GE's renovation capabilities at www.ge.com/research. Explain how the company has bundled its technology resources to contribute to competitive advantage in its businesses. Is there evidence the company's deployment of resources has given it a distinctive competence in the area of innovation? Why or why not? Discuss in detail and with specific examples.

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    Currently, GE Global Research is the center of technology development for all GE's businesses. It has 10 global laboratories organized by scientific disciplines designed to provide research support across businesses. The labs are manned by people from the US, Europe, China, and India. GE also collaborates with customers, government, and academia to increase GE's technology capabilities. The GE research department claims that it is innovating all the time. Examples of its innovations include the development of new CT scintillator material leading to the development of the HDCT scanner.

    The company's labs collaborate over products that have market potential. The research leads to new product development. For example, its aero-thermal and mechanical systems have developed a ...

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