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    GE's businesses

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    - What are GE's businesses?
    - How do you think can GE collaborate with them Tata & IIT in India? Which GE businesses, other than IT, will derive benefits from collaboration?
    - Refering to the attached article, other than lower cost inputs, what else do you think does GE gain by working there?
    - Do you think it was wise to sell GEICS? Why/why not?

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    - What are GE's businesses?
    On the basis of the case study GE's businesses include:
    1. Airplane engines and plastics:
    2. Refrigerators to jet engines:
    3. Credit cards:
    4. Low cost ultrasound machines
    5. Industrial equipment:
    6. CT scanners::
    7. Health care business:

    - How do you think can GE collaborate with them Tata & IIT in India?
    1. GE and Tata can collaborate with Tata and IIT in India on several fronts:
    2. Software produced in India can be imported by GE.
    3. GE can outsource call center work to ...

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