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Disparate Treatment Claim

Prepare a written report that presents a convincing disparate treatment claim that you had been intentionally discriminated against on the basis of your age for job application.

Do not address the claim as one of disparate impact.

Present a convincing rebuttal from the viewpoint of Best Protection insurance company (BPIC).

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Step 1
This report gives details of how I, Dick Thompson, have been discriminated against on the basis of age when I applied for the post of Programmer Analyst. My age is 52 years. I am qualified for the position of Programmer Analyst advertized by Best Protection Insurance Company Inc. The company requires a bachelor's qualification; I have a master's degree in computer science. The advertisement requires 2 years experience in similar capacity. I have worked for 5 years as a Programmer Analyst.
I have not been selected by Best ...

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