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Review of Loretta Wilson vs B/E Aerospace

You will have to read a case opinion on the Internet and answer questions. First, read the question in the book about Loretta Wilson and B/E Aerospace. She sued for sexual discrimination based on a job for which she was not interviewed due to being deemed unqualified. Look up the case on the Internet. (Use the Plaintiff and Defendant's names, but do not write it out using the â??v.â?) (findlaw.com or openjurist.org would be good sources from which to read.) In the Discussion section, read the â??2. Circumstantial Evidence of Discriminationâ? section. (The Discussion section is Roman numeral III of the court's opinion. Scroll through until you find it.) Answer these questions. Be sure to restate the question in sentence form as a way to start your answer.

a. Which case set the framework for circumstantial evidence in a disparate treatment claim?
b. Under that framework, who has the burden of proving what? (Be sure you know what the various terms mean so you can explain it in your own words. Do not quote from the case, but cite the case.)
c. How would the plaintiff establish a prima facie case of disparate treatment? Do not quote the case. Explain it in your own words.
d. Continue reading a little farther along in the case. Explain Wilson's 3 arguments? How were they resolved?

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