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Employment Law for Human Resource Practice

Read the Hoffman v. Caterpillar case. What were the two legal issues in this case? What did the court decide? For each issue, explain the issue and give the rationale/analysis and the conclusion reached by the court (in your own words). Was it decided fairly, in your opinion? Why, or why not? What, if anything, should the employer have done differently?

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The two legal issues in this case were whether denial of training must result in a materially adverse employment action and whether the plaintiff suffered disparate treatment as a result of the actions of the company. The Court vacated the original district court's decision regarding the disparate treatment claim predicated upon a ruling that "denial of training" represents an explicitly prohibited action under the ADA wherein a plaintiff is not required to show that the denial of training ...

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This solution discusses the legal issues in a case (Hoffman v. Caterpillar).