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    Sales Force Management: ChemGrow, Inc.

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    For the case Chemgrow, Inc. (written by William D. Perrault, Jr., of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Kevin McNeilly of Miami University) consider the following.

    1. ChemGrow is one of the largest fertilizer manufacturers in the world. What decisions would you make with regard to which is the most productive region, who is the most outstanding salesperson, and who are the most valuable customers?
    2. What computer report should be generated on a regular basis to assist the managers in their evaluations?
    3. Write a memo to Mr. Kee justifying your decisions and supporting the new computer report you are requesting. Respond to these questions using APA format.

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    Answer 1:
    Through the analysis of various exhibits in case study, there are two basic term gross margin/per ton and the number of sales that could be used for the decision related to the best productive region for the company along with effective salesperson and valuable customer for the company (Spiro, 2003).

    Most Outstanding Salesperson: The exhibit 6.3 shows the salesperson along with their average sales percentage that could be useful to know the overall participation of each salesperson in the growth of company. The exhibit 6.2 describes the gross margin/per ton selling with the help of each product's selling by each salesperson of the company. Therefore, the conclusion related to the best salesperson could be based on the behalf of the gross margin profits in the selling of each product like Ammonia, Phosphates, and Potash. Therefore, the best salesperson is Dow because he sold maximum percentage of Ammonia. But, other products could not be sold by him (Spiro, 2003). Dow donated his best in the selling of Ammonia than other sales representatives of the same zone and other zone also. But the gross margin related to rest products is zero that eliminates him from the list of most outstanding salesperson. Thums also sold high amount of ammonia with the small amount on Phosphates and Potash, but he could not be most outstanding due to low gross margin.
    As per the ...

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