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Please help; I have attached the case study. Please provide with APA references, citations if any...

Prepare a 1,050-1,400-word case study analysis of Case 1-1, G.W. Pergault, Inc., located at the end of Chapter One in the Management of a Sales Force text. Based on this analysis, explain how technology can enhance an organization's selling functions and customer relationship management (CRM) techniques.

Be sure to address the following in your paper:
a. Summarize the case.
b. Formulate answers to questions 1 and 2 at the conclusion of the case.
c. Describe the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) to sales management.
d. Identify different types of technology that the organization in your case study could use to enhance their selling functions and CRM techniques

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Summary of the case:

The case depicts a classic example of difficulties encountered during change management in a large organization. It revolves around a change management situation that has occurred due to transformation of the brick and mortar practices of the division into e-business practices, a situation faced by most of the companies today that are trying to utilize the benefits of e-commerce and internet to improve operational efficiency, quality and customer service in their organizations. GW Pergault is facing a similar situation in its sales division where a new web based ordering system needs to be implemented to remove the existing manual process.

The case highlights the typical resistances that are encountered in such technology implementation such as fear and pessimism among the employees regarding the potential benefits of such new technologies and fear of job loss due to improved efficiency and automation of the processes. The President and Sales manager in the above mentioned case are facing similar difficulties with the sales force who fear loss of job due to this extremely efficiency web based order system. Further, sales person fear that implementation of this new technology will not only eliminate their commissions, but will also be useless because personal relationships with the customers will not be possible via this system. Further, they also see this as a first step towards future pink slip.

The sales manager is in a dilemma. He believes in President's strategy to implement this system, but also knows that the success of the implementation of this new system is not possible without the support of the sales reps. The sales manager is facing a huge problem in terms of convincing his sales reps to support the implementation of this new system by realizing the potential benefits of this system in the long run. At the same time, he needs to ...

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Describe the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) to sales management.