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The Marketing Mix: Promotion Strategies

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The Organization is Wal-Mart

In SLP04 you will analyze Promotion by the organization you chose for your Session Long Project. As indicated in your Module 4 readings, promotion encompasses


Personal Selling,

Sales Promotion,

Publicity, and

Public Relations

Be sure to bring in illustrative materials to demonstrate your understanding of the marketing principles your company is following.

16) Recalling that promotion includes: Advertising, Personal Selling, Publicity, and Sales Promotion, describe the PROMOTIONAL MIX of your chosen organization,

17) Analyze the promotion of your chosen organization relative to your products and markets as if you were making a report to management. Be as specific as possible and be sure to draw on Module 4 background materials in describing the INTEGRATION of the MARKETING MIX..

18) Briefly (1-4 paragraphs), explain if and/or how your organization has COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE in PROMOTION? If it does not have competitive advantage in promotions, explain why it doesn't have that advantage.

Please remember: All SLP discussions about competitive advantage must be specific; that is, directed toward each competitor. A simplistic example is that Burger King may have competitive advantage over KFC in terms of advertising, but it does not have competitive advantage over McDonald?s. Of course, you would elaborate more and explain why your organization does or does not have competitive advantage in promotion relative to each particular competitor.

In addressing the questions, at a minimum use PROMOTION STRATEGY as your heading and use the CAPITALIZED and BOLD words in the sections as subheadings.


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01 October 2009
The Marketing Mix: Promotion Strategies of Wal-Mart
Promotional Mix of Wal-Mart includes advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity and public relations.
Advertising Strategy of Wal-Mart
The advertising objective of the organization is to create awareness about the organization, to explain the characteristics of the organization, to correct the false image about the organization (Frank, n.d.). The advertising objectives of the Wal-Mart are to increase customer preference for the organization's services and to remind the customers about facilities or services that are unique to the sponsoring organization. Yes, Wal-Mart clearly states its advertising objectives (Learning Objective, 2008). Wal-Mart emphasizes on building and enhancing the organization's image. With the help of advertising, the company tries to change the perception of customers.
The advertising messages of Wal-Mart are effective. The advertising messages help to build new customers and help to increase sales by demand creation. Yes, its advertising gets its message across the customer (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, 2009). The Wal-Mart has a wide range of loyal customers due to its brand image. The messages of Wal-Mart increase the customer education and remove customer's doubts and problems. The messages through advertisement provide re-assurance and remind customers about how to use the product. It also builds awareness among the prospects about the product (Howard, 2006).
Some of the advertisements of Wal-Mart are perfectly fine but the theme used by the company is moderate. Wal-Mart sometimes uses the advertisement to address its critics. The marketers do not generally want to draw attention to their critics but with the help of advertisement, they justify themselves to the customers (Welcome to Wal-Mart Station, 2008). According to the Wal-Mart, consumers are more prone to believe criticism of a company, so with the help of advertising, the company can attract their customers again.
The advertising media used by the Wal-Mart is print media. No, the means of media chosen by the company are not adequate. Wal-Mart should adopt the electronic media also in order to attract the customers (Learning Objective, 2008). With the use of electronic media, the Wal-Mart can increase the sales by demand creation and by this; it can also improve its competitive strengths. By introducing themselves with the help of the electronic media, the company can remove the customer's doubts and problems.
Personal Selling Programs of the Company
By 2008, the sales force number has increased to 2.1 million. In ...

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