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Call Center Process: Bottlenecks and Capacity

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The figure attached shows the call routing process for a customer service call center. Incoming calls are routed to work center B or C depending on the caller's request. The numbers in parentheses are the times in minutes for each step of the process.

a) What is the capacity per hour for the A-B-D-E process route? Explain your answer

b) What is the capacity per hour for the A-C-D-E process route? Explain your answer.

c) If 60% of the calls are routed to work center B and 40% are routed to work center C,
what is the average capacity per hour for the process?

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Calculation of throughput for multi-point process in capacity per hour. This solution looks at various input and output levels.

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a) The capacity through A-B-D-E would be 12 calls per hour because B would be the bottle ...

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