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Capacity Planning & Bottleneck Identification

How can capacity planning be used to identify patient flow bottlenecks?

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Capacity planning within any organization, service or manufacturing, is the amount of work that can be performed within a specific unit of time. Organizations will usually measure this in months or years. A service organization, such as a hospital, may be inclined to do so per day in order to ensure no bottlenecks occur, while maintaining their ability to provide as efficient and as prompt a service as possible (Wortman, Euwe, Taal & Wiers, 1996).

When considering capacity planning and analysis, typically, four main areas are considered.

The first is to analyze the type of service and the requirements for that service. The goal of this area is to understand the quantitative dimensions of the service, and what patients (in cases of hospitals) would expect in terms of service and time. For example, a critically ill patient would expect to spend more time in the hospital that one who requires stitches. It is then necessary to ...

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The solution discusses capacity planning and bottleneck identification.