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    Examples of Businesses using the Theory of Constraints

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    Need examples of Businesses using the Theory of Constraints.

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    As per Rockford consulting, "The Theory of Constraints is a management philosophy that focuses the resources of an organization on improving the performance of the constraint that directly affects the P&L. It is an approach to solve constraints and problems in a logical way by building a logic chart of the problem, finding its roots and developing steps to remove the root of the problem. "1 This theory was developed by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and the theory focus on improving the weak links in the system. As per Blocher, there are five steps in TOC analysis:
    "Step One: Identify the Constraint: This is a bottleneck in the operations.
    Step Two: Determine the Most Efficient Utilization of Each Constraint
    Step Three: Maximize the Flow Through the Constraint
    Step Four: Increase Capacity on the Constrained Resource
    Step Five: Redesign the Manufacturing Process for Flexibility and Fast Throughput" 2

    Hence, the above five focusing steps helps in identifying and eliminating constraints. TOC helps in enhancing the throughput by ...

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