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    Action Equations, Conversation Platforms and a People Channel

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    1. Why do effective leaders need an Action Equation?

    2. What are the advantages of narrowing strategic messages into a Conversation Platform?

    3. Why is the People Channel critical to effective leadership communication?

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    1. Why do effective leaders need an Action Equation?

    Action equation is the plan to get the information out. The action plan happens before the communication, considering what is needed to be understood, how to make it understandable, and how to apply it. In other words, how the communication needs to be delivered so the employees know what the message is and how to apply it.

    The concept comes from a book, Beyond the Babble, and is a type of communication plan for leaders to improve communication. This is the step before writing or communicating in other methods, what the leader needs to say to those he/she is leading. The communication allow for people to know the right things and feel the right things so they can do the right thing in terms of actions.

    The planning also helps to make the message concise, without all the ...

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