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    Group you must review 5 online "team" platforms of your choice

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    Step 1) As a group you must review 5 online "team" platforms of your choice (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Ideascale, etc.) that could be used by the U.S. Department of Commerce to communicate with all 12 of their organizations and worldwide divisions. Your group must use your readings to research and create a "grading platform" to create criteria to "grade" each platform. For example, you could create a matrix that has ease of communication as measuring item.
    Step 2) After your group has "graded" these platforms, each individual in your group will then pick ONE of the 12 organization units of the Department of Commerce (e.g. NOAA, NIST, ITA, EDA, etc) and write their own their OWN "briefing memo" to one of the organizational head of the unit on how this group chosen platform will be used. This memo should include all items found in the Secretary level briefing template. The memo should also include "citations" which justify your position. Please note that I reserve the right to give your memo to the organizational heads of the bureaus for the Department and I also reserve the right to have the Secretary review them as well.
    We selected the Slack Application Platform. I need help figuring out how to write this memo out.

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    //The US Department of Commerce requires the implementation of a platform for communication between the various departments in the world. The evaluation of 5 platforms is done and the best suitable platform on the basis of the grading system is done. //

    Step 1

    The US Department of Commerce has 12 organizations worldwide namely, BEA, BIS, EDA, Census, ESA, ITA, MBDA, NIST, NOAA, NTIS, NTIA, and OS. The Department of Commerce in the US has to communicate with all the twelve organizations, which requires a platform that works efficiently worldwide. Based on the readings, the group of team has created a matrix with 5 platforms feasible for the purpose of communication among all the organizations. A grading system is followed to access the ease of communication in each platform. The ranking scale is used that ranges from 1 to 5, where 5 ranking represents the best and 1 ranking represents the worst. The matrix is shown below.

    See matrix in attached file

    //Based on the above study, the platform Slack has been selected as the best tool for the US Department of Commerce. We have written a memorandum explaining the criteria used for the evaluation of the platforms and pros of Slack to the Secretary of Economic Development Administration (EDA). //

    Step 2

    October 24, 2014

    INFORMATION MEMORANDUM FOR SECRETARY of Economic Development Administration (EDA)


    SUBJECT: Performance Review of Team Platforms


    A mode of communication is required among all the organizations of the US Department of Commerce. A group of members have analyzed 5 platforms and graded those according to different measuring units. The platforms selected for the review are Google, IdeaScale, Slack, Facebook, and SharePoint. The criteria used for the evaluation of the performance of the platforms are the ease of user interface, shortfalls and limitations, privacy/ security, speed, compatibility, best practice and testimonial, customer feedback, and cost. The Slack application platform had the highest grading among all the 5 platforms based on the criteria used for evaluation. Hence, the group recommends the usage of Slack platform by the US Department of Commerce for communication with all the divisions.


    Communication is one of the basic requirements for the efficient and productive functioning of an organization. The most important aspect of communication in an organization is the inter-departmental communication, which helps in maintaining an efficient flow of the information (Root, n.d). Organizational communication incorporates a strategy which ensures transparency in the organization and helps in creating a particular communication culture. The focus is to streamline the communication system within the organizational structure. The accurate exchange of information among the 12 organizations of the US Department of Commerce improves the ability to meet the goals. With the help of a platform, the divisions can organize meetings, share reports, and message directly. The group focused on selecting the best mode of communication for all the organizational divisions of the US Department of Commerce.

    The 5 platforms selected by the group are discussed as follows. Firstly, Google being the most famous search ...

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