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    DoD Contracting

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    James will award a service contract when he signs the Standard Form 33, with the contract attached. James documented his best-value award decision.

    James also notified successful offeror, documented that he would serve as the administrative contracting officer (ACO), appointed a contracting officer's representative (COR)/quality assurance representative (QAR)/quality assurance evaluator (QAE), provided the contractor with a copy of the written designation, and determined that a post-award orientation was not needed.

    It appears that James forgot an important step in the award process. What might that be?

    He need to provide documentation of his evaluation criteria to the requesting activity.

    He must notify SBA that he awarded to a small business.

    He needed to notify unsuccessful offerors.

    He is required to debrief offerors on the excluded parties list.

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