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    A Unique Small Business

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    STEP 1: Do some online investigation to identify a business that consider to be unique, odd, unusual or just plain weird. Provide documentation (e.g., news story, website, etc) of where you found this business and attach that documentation.

    Find the most unique small business possible. Use the definition of small business (i.e., no more than 500 employees, independent, and owner-managed).

    STEP 2: Evaluate this unique small business. Write a brief (1-2 single spaced pages) analysis of this small business that includes the following:

    a) Brief description of the business, including how long it has existed, geographical areas in which it operates, and the products/services it provides.
    b) Why you chose this particular small business. What do you find particularly interesting, odd, unusual and/or weird about the business?
    c) Rewards the owners appear to achieve through operating this unique small business.
    d) Key factors you think could pose the biggest challenge to the future success of this unique small business (e.g., existing or future competitors, market trends, customer preferences, economic conditions, etc.) Be sure to explain why you think those factors are so important.

    Don't forget to attach documentation that identifies where you found the information about the small business you selected.

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    The unique small business selected for this assignment is an innovative small company producing unique toasters such as Jesus toasters and numerous other novelty toasters. This company is called Burnt Impressions (www.burntimpressions.com) and is located in a small Vermont town. The company has achieved tremendous growth and success in its few years of operation due to its unique, impressive product offering that is not offered by any other company.

    The company primarily operates via its online store and can ship its products anywhere across the world. The company, founded around 3 years back by Galen ...

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    The expert does an online investigation to identify a business that considers to be unique, odd unusual or plain weird. The unique small business is given.