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    Small Business & Competitive Environment

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    Identify a real small business that has at least a half dozen or more employees and answer the following questions:

    1. Please explain what the business does.

    2. Who does it consider to be its competition? Be specific. For example, a pizza shop in a specific neighborhood will not have all pizza shops and restaurants that make/serve pizza in the area as competition.

    3. What environmental factors exists that affect its ability to compete. Consider factors such as labor market competition, technology, laws and regulations, surrounding community, competing products or services, suppliers, media and others. Please comment on at least two of these.

    4. How does the relatively small size affect its ability to compete in a market where there may be businesses that may be larger? What competitive strengths does it have, if any?

    5. What disadvantages exist due to its size? Even relatively successful small businesses have challenges. Please look beyond the surface of a business that you perceive to be successful.

    Be sure to explain why you believe these environmental factors to be strengths or problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    The business selected for this assignment is a restaurant that serves organic, vegetarian and healthy cuisine to health conscious customers. The restaurant currently has one location in Manhattan and has a staff strength of 15 full time employees and 5 part time employees.

    The organization directly competes with other organic, vegetarian and health food restaurants in the vicinity.

    The most important environmental factor that affects its ability to compete is competition from other ...

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