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    Jet Blue's Troubles

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    - Jet Blue's troubles did not end on this Valentine's day case. Check out what happened less than a year ago.


    - Here is a pretty thorough review of Jet Blue and some of their distress:


    - Evaluate whether or not Jet Blue was effective with executing it strategy of growth.
    - Assess the risks and rewards of rapid growth within Jet Blue.
    - Recommend a future strategy for Jet Blue to deliver an acceptable return to its stakeholders and demonstrate how this strategy will achieve the goal.

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    This airline has had their share of problems and immediate change is definitely needed. Here are a few more articles for other charges that have been filed regarding this airline:



    We've seen everything from pilot mental issues to mechanical problems with their aircraft.

    -- From the links listed as well as current events in the news, we can definitely say that the airline was not effective in executing its strategy of growth. There are serious breakdowns in the airline, and the breakdowns must be addressed and ...

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    This solution evaluates Jet Blue's strategy and if it was an effective growth strategy. This discussion also examines the best future strategy for the airline and assesses the risks and rewards of rapid growth within Jet Blue.