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    Research Jet Blue Airline Company: Strategic Management

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    Find documents about the Jet Blue airline company and review them. Answer the following questions:

    1. Jet Blue's most important problem is what?

    2. What are the priorities and recommendations that you would give to Jet Blue?

    3. How would you strike a balance between your commitments to shareholders and your community?

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    1. What is the most important problem facing Jet Blue?

    The most important problem facing Jet Blue appears to be with its growth demands and former small-operation; and its communication systems, which stems from its growth, which need to be updated/upgraded.

    During a bad storm last year, this article references how their communication system was affected:

    "The basic problem was JetBlue's communication system: the ice storm had left a large portion of the airline's 11,000 pilots and flight attendants far from where they needed to be to operate the planes, and JetBlue lacked the trained staff to find them and tell them where to go. Prior to last week, JetBlue had never had so many people out of ...

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