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    Strategic Management Discussion on Mission Statement

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    These days a vision and mission statement are required but how much does a company have to really believe in their mission? Is it really just a marketing tool and not really a mission to live by?

    Consider the company where you currently work, have worked in the past, or patronize on a regular basis. Evaluate the effectiveness of the company's mission and vision statement, and provide an example of how the mission is carried out in your interaction with the company.

    Evaluate whether or not the mission and vision has been adequately communicated to employees and customers. Provide examples of support or lack of evidence.

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    -- It is really imperative that companies live by their mission statement. If we were to conduct research on the companies that have failed over the past two years and really analyze their actions and compare them with their mission statement. In the majority of cases we would likely find that the company stopped following their mission statement. The mission statement of a company can't be just words written down on paper that sound good. They're words that the company must keep at the forefront of their operations every ...

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    This solution discusses vision and mission statements, and how pertinent the vision and mission are to the organization. This solution also discusses the effectiveness of a company's mission and vision statements, and examples of how they are carried out within the company. The solution also evaluates if the vision and mission statement have been adequately communicated to employees and customers, citing examples or lack of evidence. This solution is 336 words.