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Charts and Time Management

1. Gnatt charts, are they usefull or useless in organizations? Please explain
2. When estimating time for a project, what are the three main areas of focus in your organization or any organization for estimating time? Please explain.
3. What are the differences between bottom-up and top-down estimating approaches and under what conditions would you prefer one over the other?

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1. Gnat charts, are they useful or useless in organizations? Please explain

Gantt charts are very useful to organizations. We will examine the advantages of the Gantt charts. Gantt charts are used by many organizations to effectively manage projects and to report the project status to key stakeholders.

There are five key reasons that Gantt charts are useful. (1.) Gantt charts avoid completion confusion. Gantt charts keep the project participant on track to complete the project. The Gantt charts display the starting and finishing timeline for the project tasks. The Gantt chart displays the project milestones and key dates. (2.) The Gantt charts allows for everyone to be on the same page. Since the Gantt chart is simple and easy to read, the Gantt charts can be given to all of the key stakeholders in project status meetings. Also, the project team members and key stakeholders will have access to the same information. (3.) The Gantt chart easily shows the task relationships. Also, the task relationships and ...

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Charts and time management are examined. The differences between bottom-up and top-down estimating approaches are determined.