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    Quality Management Tools in Data Collection

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    Briefly identify 2 - 3 quality management tools used in data collection? What types of quality management tools do you utilize to make personal or business decisions? How do you utilize these tools in the decision-making process?

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    Quality management tools in data collection

    According to my opinion control charts is essential to study closely the quality of the products coming from each production operation. A control chart is a popular statistical tool for monitoring and improving quality. Originated by Walter Shewhart in 1924 for the manufacturing environment, it was later extended by W. Edward Deming to the quality improvement in all areas of an organization (a philosophy known as Total Quality Management, or TQM). I use this tool extensively in making decisions.

    Utility of control charts in decision making

    The success of Shewhart's approach is based on the idea that no matter how well the process is designed, there exists a certain amount of nature variability in output measurements. When the variation in process quality is due to random causes alone, the process is said to be in-control. If the process variation includes both random and special causes of variation, the process is said to be out-of-control.

    The control chart is supposed to detect the presence of special causes of variation. In its basic form, the control chart is a plot of some function of process measurements against time. The points ...

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