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Quality Improvement Implementation - TQM

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1. Examine the quality tools for identifying and monitoring process variability and provide examples.
2. Indicate your selected TQM model or methodology for process/organizational improvement and explain why it is the correct model /methodology for the organization.

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1. Examine the quality tools for identifying and monitoring process variability and provide examples.

Baderman should pursue a quality improvement process to decrease its operating costs and improve operating margins. Quality improvement will help in improving the customer satisfaction levels and thereby the bottom line. The operation of Baderman requires quality improvement process. Moreover a comprehensive quality management process will help this process in rolling out a world class products and services to delight the customers. As quality is becoming more and more critical, adopting best business practices with respect to quality, has become necessary for Baderman to work not only as per the standards and benchmarks set in the industry but create new standards. If Baderman has to achieve the objective of improving the quality as well as to reduce costs, then they have to adapt the Total Quality Management Process.
Using the right analysis can train inexperienced managers and they get conscious about the total quality management. This is achieved through Teamwork, Voluntary Activities, Consensus Building, Training, Multi-skilling, Instilling a Sense of Pride, Employee Empowerment and Leadership development. (Gathier)
Various analytical tools are also used to train the employees so that they know about the variation in the processes. There are tools such as Control charts, Pareto analysis, fish bone diagram, Kaizen, TPM, JIT etc.

For example

ABC Analysis/Pareto (a.k.a. 80/20) rule: ABC analysis ranks the merchandise by a pre-determined ...

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