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    First view of an organization: the recruiting process

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    The recruiting process is often the first time applicants get a close look at the organization that might be their next employer. Think about your own experiences applying for jobs.

    • How do employers manage their employment brand?
    • What determines first impressions?
    • Based on your experience, what do you think works well and what does not work for an employer to engage applicants' interest?

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    How do employers manage their employment brand?

    Employers manage their employment brands differently. Some may do a lot of commercial advertising, some do more print marketing and some operate off of referrals only. How an employer chooses to do this is often dependent upon the size of the company, the marketing budget and the history the company has with their brand management.

    What determines first impressions? ...

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    A discussion regarding the recruiting process including how employers manage their brand to attract employees, first impressions, and personal experiences regarding what strategies work well and which do not to recruite new employees. 251 words, 1 reference.