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    Challenges in recruiting non-governing volunteers for nonprofit organizations

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    Please help with the following problem:

    Can you describe two challenges that may arise in recruiting non-governing volunteers? Would you also describe the strategies you would use to address these challenges please? It would help if you would provide references for me to view. Thanks for your assistance in advance.

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    I think that one important challenge that may arise in recruiting non-governing volunteers, would be the challenge of making those individuals understand the importance of the mission objectives of the organization, and how their contributions would help the organization to achieve its humanitarian based objectives. The strategy that I would use to address this ...

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    This solution describes important challenges in recruiting non-governing volunteers for nonprofit organizations. The strategies discussed include speaking at recruitment rallies, website advertisement, radio advertisement, brochures, etc. It also discusses the importance of informing individuals of when they can volunteer. The solution is provided in 215 words with one reference.