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Implementing Controls to Achieve Desired Outcome

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Suppose an error in planning, such as too-high production targets, has led to problems. Suppose that it is not possible to revise the plan, such as when a commitment is made to another organization to supply a certain quantity on a certain date. What type of controls can be used to solve the problem?

More generally, can controls compensate for problems in planning? Create a fictional scenario to illustrate your answer. Describe the plan and explain what is wrong with it and the problem that resulted. Describe the control that can be applied and the expected outcome.

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The expert examines implementing controls to achieve desired outcomes.

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Businesses are subjected to proficiencies in meeting the targeted goal for creating high quality products in a timely manner for marketplace entry accordingly. In the case study scenario, the main objective is too-high production targets led to problems within a commitment agreement preventing any major changes. Management strategic decisions are critical at such a time to cease any further damaging impact to the overall business organization. Thus, the most proactive strategy measures entail focusing on key operations processes and policy to enforcing immediately for a changed results, such as;

1. What type of controls can be used to solve the problem?
- Quality Control
- Employee ...

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