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Business Ownership Program

Hello, I need some example responses that are at least a paragraph for the following questions to guide me.

1) What is your primary reasoning for applying to a business ownership program?

2) What is your entrepreneurial dream? When you look out 5-10 years, what would you like to accomplish?

3) Describe your interest in entrepreneurship and business ownership? Indicate if business ownership has been a long-standing goal?

4) What two past experiences would be most relevant in providing the application committee with a comprehensive understanding of who you are as a person and how you deal with new and novel situations?

5) What specific qualifications or experiences make you a strong candidate for a Business Ownership program?

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I will guide you, but cannot answer for you.

1. This type of program will allow me to learn as I work. I can grow as both a person and a business leader through a program of this type. I will use it to learn the basics and how to direct a company in all areas of the business, while attempting to put my own stamp on the type of business I wish to own and develop.

2. I want to own a company that is successful. This success will come in terms of profits, but also in terms of people and helping them grow. I want to provide a product and service that people like and appreciate. Helping people to meet their needs, whether as employees or customers is the major accomplishment I seek while making money to support ...

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The primary reasoning which applies to a business ownership program. Entrepreneurial dream is defined.