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    Optimization with Excel Solver

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    I need help with the excel solver for this minimization problem. Please take a look at it and let me know if you can help me with the solver. I have included the objective and the constraints.

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    Dear Student:

    Please open the attached Excel file with the Excel Solver solution and then follow the instructive explanations below:

    Excel Worksheets: Excel Solver (includes the solution) and Answer Report (includes Excel Solver Report)

    Column A: Activities A-K
    Column B: Original Expected Time
    Column C: Crash Time (this is the y-variable in the Excel Solver solution)
    Column D: Crash Cost (crash cost for each activity is obtained from the objective function)
    Column E: Crash Cost * Crash Time = Total crash cost for each activity (the sum of these costs in cell E17 is the total cost, which we are trying to minimize)
    Column F: New Early Start (is the earliest start using the crashed activities time)
    Column G: New Early Finish (is the earliest finish using the crashed activities time; this information is the x-variable in the Excel Solver solution)
    Column ...

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    Optimization with Excel Solvers are examined.