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    Strategically focusing on operations

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    Hello I need help responding to the following:

    Strategically focusing on optimizing aspects of operations, and identifying and discuss three major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for organizational performance improvement by Acer in today's global economy. And then explaining how this approach may be employed as a leadership decision-making tool for organizations seeking to enhance operations.


    In the understanding that globalization must be held as a philosophy, could American organizations go global in elements of their organizational operational strategies, while retaining distinctly domestic patterns? Why or why not?

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    Step 1

    The optimizing aspects of operations at Acer are that it has developed an excellent production base at Taiwan. It has developed local ancillary industry; it has trained local personnel and has offered technological training to persons. It has also developed a culture of cost saving. This has helped reduce costs. Further, it has encouraged innovation and creativity in its employees. Most importantly, it has been able to successfully transfer cost savings to customers. The customers get value for money. Acer has also been able to develop excellent relationships with suppliers, dealers, and partners. The operational strategy of the company is to design computers. This means the company requires fewer offices, lower inventory costs, and lower assembling time. The labor cost is also lower and this leads to price leadership for the company.

    Step 2
    Identifying and discussing three major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats we have.

    1. High operational efficiency;
    2. Low overhead costs:
    3. Strong emphasis on R&D leading to innovation.

    1. The expertise of Acer is located in Taiwan which makes it ...

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