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    Productivity analysis

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    Describe the importance of productivity analysis to the overall health of the organization.

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    As an organization continues to grow in today's society and maintain pace with social norms, these individuals as whole will meet numerous challenges along the way. Many of these challenges can be overcome based on the structural composition of the organization and how it conveys the goals and aspirations to its members. Over the course of time formal organizations has seen its share of challenges. The evolution of the project manager/charter as an internal consultant has laid the ground work for organizations to conduct productivity analysis and it's correlation to the overall health of the organization. Below we'll discuss the importance of the productivity analysis to an organization.

    Regardless of the size of the organization, one must address the standard points to create value for the organization; inputs, conversion process, output, environment (employees, supervisors, resources). One way in which organization leadership is ...

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    The solution describes the importance of productivity analysis to overall health of the organization.